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Controlled Substances

Medications such as benzodiazipines are tightly regulated by the DEA and are used to treat anxiety disorders.  Common names include Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium, etc.  These medications can be very useful but require more frequent monitoring and must be part of a comprehensive wellness plan.  Controlled substances will not be refilled early and cannot be refilled if patient is not reasonably compliant with appointments.  This practice utilizes the Maryland PDMP, a database which allows providers to see the history of controlled substances prescribed to an individual.  This initiative was designed to limit the abuse and diversion of prescription medications and by informing providers about current and past prescriptions and helping them to prescribe medication more safely and effectively.  

This practice does not have a strict no benzodiazepine policy, but it must be stated from the outset that this practice does prescribe these medications rarely and sparingly.  It is strictly off label and NOT FDA APPROVED to prescribe these medications on a long term permanent basis, and especially at large doses.  All patients who come to this clinic must come in with the understanding that clinicians here will work collaboratively with patients to taper these medications and switch to more appropriate non-narcotic medications over the long term.  This clinic does have a strict no benzodiazepine policy when it comes to individuals prescribed opioids (whether for pain or medication assisted treatment) or other CNS depressants.  Due to practice guidelines, this clinic rarely prescribes short acting stimulants due to the standard of care.  

Any aggressive or inappropriate behaviors in or around the prescribing of controlled substances will result in as rapid of a taper as is medically safe per guidelines.  Non-compliance with appointments, staff harassment, or aggressive behavior will result in safe taper of the medication and immediate discharge.  

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